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Oshi Casino Terms of Service

Welcome to the online casino site operated by Oshi Casino. We are committed to providing our players with a high quality, safe and secure experience when playing at oshi.casino (the “Web site”). Please read this Legal Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) carefully before utilizing the Web site or requesting any services from us. By surfing this Web site you give your consent to its terms and conditions set out below.

1.0 Basic Rules

Introduction to the TOS: This document contains the terms and conditions for use of our Web site at https://oshi.casino/, which is owned by Oshi Casino, registered under company registration number. By exploiting our services you give your consent to be bound by these terms & conditions (the ‘Agreement’) which shall apply between you and Oshi in relation to any use made by you on our Web site or other materials provided by us. We may update this article at any time without notice therefore please check back regularly for any changes made since its last publication.

2.0 Definitions

The following terms shall have the meaning given below:

  • The Casino Terms and Conditions are a legal contract between you (the “Player”) and Oshi Casino, a company incorporated in Malta. These obligations are referred to as “Agreements”.
  • The rules of the game are designed to prevent cheating by consumers and ensure fair competition for all consumers regardless of their nationality. They also set out various other provisions which may affect your rights under Agreements or these Agreements; these provisions relate to not only gameplay but also any disputes that arise during Gameplay.

3.0 Signing Up & Authorization

One must be at least 18 years old to play, and you cannot play if you are younger than that. One must be a UK resident in order to have your winnings paid into your UK bank account in order to play at the casino.

4.0 Consumer Profiles

One must create your own account and use it exclusively. One cannot share his/her username and password with anyone else, nor can one transfer it to someone else. If you are found to be exploiting someone else’s account, Oshi Casino management will terminate both accounts immediately and take legal action against you if necessary.

5.0 Game Practices & Wagering Limits

The game rules are the same as the rules in the casino. The minimum and maximum bets are set per line and can be placed through one of mobile apps or by utilizing your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. 

Oshi casino games presented have the necessary licenses and certifications for operating in several countries. The legal notes are also well-structured, which provides a good overview from overseas regulations. To summarize, Oshi works through market leaders and complies with EU and other laws. 

6.0 Oshi Promos

Bonuses, free spins and promotions are subject to wagering requirements. The amount of bonus received will determine your wagering requirements for the bonus. You may use your bonus only on games played in a slot machine or similar game offered by us at https://oshi.casino/.

7.0 Intellectual Copyright

The following intellectual property rights are owned by or licensed to us:

  • Copyright, including all related and neighboring rights, e.g. performance, communication and broadcast rights (including the right to sub-licence).
  • Trade names and business names as part of our Web site or other materials we publish online (and/or use in marketing) unless specifically noted otherwise on this page or elsewhere on our site.
  • Domain names registered with us under our brand name(s).

8.0 Controversy

Oshi Casino controversy regulations enable us to boast legal compliance and also protect ourselves from any liability that has arisen from transactions between a casino and the client. While it does not have to include itself against being sued for financial difficulties of other companies (such as payment processors), it does cover itself against any liabilities encountered by the customer, including the customer’s inability to close an account or access casino funds. 

Our management team hopes that you have enjoyed your time on Oshi.casino Web site and wish you the best of luck in playing for real money and crypto!

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